Weekend Morning Routine

Weekend Morning RoutineMy weekend morning are very different from my week day mornings.

The weekend is my time to not only relax but work most on my blog, video editing, and now my newly established photography business (you can visit my Facebook page for my photography here)!

I have struggled over the years to find a good morning routine that will benefit me and I finally think I have found it!


When I wake up on the weekends I usually have my hubby by my side but sometimes he will go out to go shooting with his friends and since we live in Arizona and it is bloody hot out during the day — he usually likes to go in the early morning to avoid the heat so some weekend mornings I will wake up with just me and the puppies.

(Which I am not complaining about because that just means more snuggles for me! ha!)


I honestly take a while to get out of bed because I tend to get all the puppy snuggles I can get… I mean how can you not snuggle these faces?! It’s so hard to resist!

Once I am done getting some puppy love, I will usually make my way to the door and let the pups out of the bedroom so that they can head to the doggy door to do their business.


Then I will head over to the bathroom and, even though I am not going to be going anywhere usually, I still put myself together a bit so that I feel refreshed and ready for what ever the day has planned for me (which, to be honest, is usually staying at home, working on my blog, and lounging).


First, we start with skincare — My absolute favorite part of the day because I love how refreshed and awake I feel with a cleansed face. I currently use the Tea Tree line from The Body Shop because it works wonders on my acne and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I then pick up my tooth brush and cleanse my teeth because dental hygiene is super important!


After I am all cleansed and refreshed, I go feed the pups their breakfast as well as make my own (and John’s, if he is home in the morning) breakfast which typically is a bowl of cereal because I am not like those YouTubers who cook themselves a full course breakfast in the morning… Let’s be real here!


While I eat my breakfast, I will usually sit on the couch (aka. my home office haha) and work on any blog or YouTube work I have for the weekend. I like to plan out what I have to do for the weekend which is usually finishing up a blog post, editing pictures and videos 🙂


The weekend is also my time to clean up the house that I didn’t feel like cleaning up during the week, so I will usually spend sometime cleaning up my bedroom and making my bed in the morning so that I get it over with and have the rest of the day to do what ever I want.


I know… pretty fun morning routine right?! Well, the pug cuddles part is for sure! haha

No, but I really do enjoy my morning routine during the weekend because it feels pretty relaxing and I get to do what I love most, which is write for my lovely followers, take pictures, and film videos♥

I honestly wish this could be my everyday morning routine but for now… it doesn’t pay the bills soooo that is that!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading about my morning routine. Feel free to watch my video on how my weekend mornings usually go:

How do you spend your weekend mornings? Do you have a routine you somewhat follow? Leave me a comment!

Stay beautiful,


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