What Your Acne Is Really Telling You│Face Mapping

What Your Acne Is Really Telling You


We all know it… we all get it…

Unless you are one of those lucky and rare people who are blessed enough not to have experienced acne and breakouts… acne affects almost everyone!

There are so many different contributions to acne that could be caused by your lifestyle choices or (if you are extra lucky… jk) genetics.

Each area of your face can actually tell you why you are getting breakouts in that specific area. Depending on where your acne arises, it can really speaking to you about what you are doing in your daily routine to cause your breakouts or what problems your body has that is contributing to these breakouts.

Today we are going to talk about what your acne is really telling you!



Acne on the forehead is usually caused by poor or weak digestion.

If you think about it, you digestion system is where we absorb our nutrients that promote healthy skin, so if the digestion system is not working smoothly, our skin will suffer with breakouts!

Staying away from overly processed foods and drinks are a great way to keep digestion running smoothly. Also, drink plenty of water to flush out any toxins from within the body.

T-Zone Face Map


Breakouts in this area are related to problems occurring in the liver.

We all love to go out and have some greasy fast food or even go out and have a some drinks with our friends, but if you are breaking out in this area, it is probably because you are doing these things.

Try to reduce your intake of alcohol, greasy foods, dairy, and processed foods. This will help your liver function better so that it doesn’t turn to your skin and produce acne.

Pimples in this area can also be a sign of an allergy or allergic reaction, so make sure you are checking the ingredients in not only the foods you are consuming but the products you are using on your skin.

Around the Eyes Face Map

Around The Eyes

This area is connected to the kidneys so kidney malfunction and kidney problems could be causing this type of acne.

Again, this is where water comes in to save the day!

Kidney problems are a sign of dehydration so drinking lots of water should help combat any of those concerns; therefore, reducing amounts of breakouts.

I cannot stress this enough… water = clear skin!

Upper Cheeks Face Map

Upper Cheeks

The upper cheeks area is linked to our lungs.

Toxins such as air pollution and smoking (whether it be from self-use or even secondhand) are leading factors for acne in this area.

Bacteria from cell phones, dirty makeup brushes, and even pillows are also contributions to acne in this area.

That is why it is always good to make sure your makeup brushes are clean, pillows are washed every so often, pillow cases washed every or every other weekend, and cell phones are wiped clean of bacteria.

Lower Cheeks Face Map

Lower Cheeks

Acne in the lower cheek area is usually a sign of poor dental hygiene.

Flossing, brushing, and rinsing mouth with fluoride is not just a way to have good dental hygiene, but also helps prevent blemishes.

Staying away from sugary foods and drinks also is a great way to promote good dental hygiene and keep those pimples from popping up.

Nose Face Map


The nose is connected to the heart so problems with the heart such as high blood pressure could be causing acne in this are of the face.

Staying away from energy drinks and caffeine as well as consuming more fruits and veggies are the best way to aid in not only maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your heart but helping with reducing acne in the nose area.

Also, it is important to go see a doctor if the heart problems are getting worse or are not getting better as it could be a health concern of other problems as well.

Ears Face Map


The ears are also connected to the kidneys just like around the eyes.

I’m not going to lecture you over and over about this, but… WATER IS KEY FOR CLEAR SKIN!

If you don’t drink enough water for your body weight, then your kidney will show it through your skin.

Chin Face Map


This is where the hormones come in to play. Chin acne is a sign hormonal imbalances due to stress and menstruation.

Hormone levels should be checked out by a doctor to see what you could do to balance them out.

A little tip for this type of acne is to drink mint tea to soothe the mind and provide antioxidants for the skin’s health. Also, get lots of omega 3’s because they are really great fats that can help with inflammation.

So as you can see, our external health really depends on our internal health and how we take of our body.

Next time you have a stubborn breakout, think back to this face map because your skin just might be telling you what you is causing it.

Of course, I am not a doctor so if your acne continues to stay the same or get worse after trying to change up your lifestyle according to this face map, then please go see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. There could be something deeper than just a lifestyle problem that is causing this reaction of acne.

But… It also doesn’t hurt to follow and maintain a healthy lifestyle as it really does have an affect on your skin.

Have you struggled with acne in just specific areas? What areas do you usually breakout in? Do you notice any lifestyle things that you do that could be causing your acne? Leave me a comment♥

Love Always,


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