Honeymoonin’ In Cali

After being married for 7 months, My husband and I finally got to take our Honeymoon in Cali!

Honeymoonin' In Cali

This was such a special trip for us not only because it was our Honeymoon but because the 29th marked the day that we have been together for 4 years!

I wanted to share our beautiful trip with all you and possibly even give some of you a little bit of inspiration for your upcoming honeymoon!

Day 1

Huntington Beach

We drove up early Friday morning of May 26th to Huntington Beach — where we stayed in our first Airbnb. We stayed in a cozy little studio apartment that had the necessities for our 5 day honeymoon trip!

Beach Feet

As we arrived in Huntington Beach, we headed straight for the beach before even heading to our cozy abode. It felt so good to finally bury my feet in the warm sand.

We fell in love with our tiny vacation rental as soon as we walked through the door! It was so cozy and had all the perfect necessities.

Riding BikesBike Riding

After getting settled, we took a late afternoon bike ride down to the beach which was only 2 blocks from where we were staying (How Perfect!) I have always wanted to go to the beach for sunset and it was soo serene.

Beach Sunset

Day 2

We used our second day to take a trip to the beach and do what ever we felt like doing! More of like a free day.


First things first was breakfast… which is what we have been waiting for… as we headed down to a place called SlapFish that was about a 10 minute bike ride from our little place.

Love This Man

We had been eyeballing this place since we saw a video of their lobster breakfast burritos on Facebook so we put on our schedule so that we could try those mouthwatering burritos. Just take a look for your self!

SlapFish Lobster Burrito

We only come to find that the burritos were $17 a piece – which is outrageous for a burrito – but again it was lobster and so we went ahead and ordered it. It was so delicious but definitely a one time thing!

Honeymoon In Huntington Cali

The rest of the day we spent at the beach and around the boardwalk of Huntington Beach. We got ice cream, collected sea shells, and walked around the stores. Talk about a relaxing day!

Baskin RobbinsHuntington Beach DayDay at Huntington Beach

Day 3

Now started the fun part of our trip! Disneyland Parks time! We had a 2-Day park ticket so we could spend one full day in each park.

On Our Way To California Adventures

Today we headed to Disney California Adventure. The great thing about going to this park around this time is that a day before we went to this park, the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout opened!

California Adventure

My hubby swore that he would not go on that ride because he hated the Tower of Terror ride and it is pretty much the same ride just a different theme, BUT… HE ACTUALLY WENT ON IT WITH ME! He still hated it but said it wasn’t as bad as the Tower of Terror because they changed up the sequence of the drops with the new Guardians of the Galaxy theme.

Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout

I also was able to convince him to go on the California Screamin’ roller coaster for the FIRST TIME! He actually enjoyed it and said that the drops were worse than the up side down part. (Hint: He sincerely hates all roller coasters so this was a big surprise that he enjoyed it!)

We Survived California Screamin

It was pretty hot out (especially waiting in those long ride wait times), so since we are both now 21, we got a frozen margarita each which was so refreshing! And… of course… we got one of those mouth-watering turkey legs and a broccoli cheddar bread bowl to share because who wouldn’t?!

Turkey LegCotton Candy Love

It was so relaxing knowing that we had the whole day for each park. I’ve actually never spent a whole day in California Adventure before so It was pretty exciting that I got to ride pretty much all the rides (at least all the ones I wanted to)!

Day 4


Dinsyeland CA

This day was special to us, not only because we were going back to the happiest place on earth where we got engaged, but because this day marked 4 years of us being together♥

On OUr Way To Disneyland

I even brought my white ears with the veil on them that I got when we got engaged! It was such a fun day of memories!

Back to the Place We Got Engaged


We went on all our favorite rides including Indiana Jones, Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and more! We planned out everything with our fast passes and got to ride every ride we wanted to!

Disneyland Dole WhipEnjoying a Dole Whip

And of course… who can go to Disneyland without getting a Dole Whip?! It was actually our first time getting a dole whip and it was sooo delightful especially coming from my husband who can sit there and drink a whole can of pineapple juice! haha

Disneyland CastleHubby Love


Unfortunately, we did not stay for the fireworks because we were just so dang tired after 9 hours! Instead, we headed to the closet Walmart to our abode and picked up any food our stomach desired. We snuggled at our cozy place while watching a rental movie and stuffing our faces… Talk about a good ending to our fun day!

Day 5

Even though this is the day we head back home, the fun was still not over! Instead of traveling back home the way we came, we decided to drive through San Diego on the way home.

Sand Diego Beach

As we arrived in San Diego, we headed for Mission Bay Beach. We took a stroll on the beach and looked for more sea shells. It was quite chilly and overcast which was perfect for a light sweater.

My HubbyBeach Dreamin

Seeing all the kids playing on the beach and digging holes, we decided to get a shovel and dig our own hole. It was so much fun being carefree and acting like children again! I can’t even put to words how much fun but relaxing it was!

Zozos Giant Pizza

After playing on the beach for a little, we headed over to a little pizza shop called Zozo’s that my family and I used to go to all the time when I was little. They have the best homemade Italian pizza and even have their special giant slice of pizza! As the fatties we are, we decided to each get one giant slice of pizza and even ordered a third giant slice for the road!

The trip has now pretty much come and end as we drove past the California boarder and back into Arizona. Although we did have a wonderful trip, I was happy to be home in our warm hot state of the cacti.

Of course, now I miss Cali because as I am writing this, Arizona is in a excessive heat warning with temps of 110 degrees! What a welcome home present that is… haha 🙂

We seriously can’t wait to go back for another adventure and to book with Airbnb again♥ Definitely way better than staying at a hotel! This was probably one of my favorite trips with my hubby for sure!

Have you been to California? Disneyland? California Adventure? What was your favorite trip you have ever been on? Leave me a comment loves!♥

Love Always,


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