How To Get Long, Healthy Hair In Just 5 Steps (Like Me!)

So many people have been asking me…

“Danielle, How did you grow your hair so long?” or “What do you do to maintain your healthy hair?”

So today I though I would give you all my secrets on how I grew my hair out and what I do in my hair-care routine to help keep my hair as healthy as it is!

How To Get Long Healthy Hair

Just a little background, my hair used to be really short and always had brittle, split ends. I tried hair masks, conditioning treatments, and even a various amount of hair oils (which, by the way, made my hair so greasy that I looked like a hadn’t taken a shower in ages).

Nothing, I am telling you… NOTHING worked to cure my hair from the despair it was going through.

Around the end of Junior year of high school, I decided I needed to go to extreme measures if I ever wanted the long luscious hair that you see in those commercials — much like those taunting Pantene or Herbal Essence ones where they say you can get treat you dry, brittle hair with their shampoo and conditioner… Liars!

I decided that I need to take better care of my hair or my hair was going to get to the point of no return! I am here to tell you my 5 steps to get long, healthy hair just like me – Don’t you feel lucky!


How to Get Long Hair

1. STOP blow drying, straitening, and curling your hair everyday

Using hot tools on your hair everyday is KILLING you hair (and I am not over-exaggerating)!

I used to be guilty of doing this to my hair everyday. I would blow dry and flat iron my hair everyday… even though, to be honest, my hair is as straight as it gets folks! I just had this picture of perfection in my head so I wanted to make sure my hair was as straight as can be, which ended up just burning me in the end! (see what I did there? eh?)

I decided to give up styling my hair in all! Once I started letting my hair dry naturally and stopped straightening my hair completely, I saw my hair coming back to life!

When you use hot tools to style your hair everyday, it strips your hair of its moisture causing heat damage. Your hair then becomes dry and brittle from the reoccurring heat each day.

Please… just please, at least reduce the amount of times you use hot tools on your hair, if not none! You will definitely see a difference!

Long Hair


2. Cut back on dyeing your hair

There are so many chemicals in hair dyes that can really damage your hair if you are not careful!

Guilty as charged… I was one who loved to dye my hair and experiment with colors. I even died my hair pastel lavender once, which I do not regret one bit because it was such a beautiful color. But even though it looked gorgeous (color wise), all the hair dye and bleaching really took a toll on my hair – especially the bleaching!

Hair dye and bleach strip your hair of its moisture just like the hair irons. It breaks down the hair cuticles (the main source of protection to your hair) so that it can actually deposit the color. Hair dye actually destroys your hair’s natural protection.

Bet you didn’t know that!

In reality we should not be dyeing our hair at all. But, if you are a person who regularly dyes their hair, maybe just cut back and only dye your hair every 6 months like me. And if you absolutely just can’t go that long without dyeing your hair, at least do some type of conditioning treatment (like a hair oil) to reduce the amount of damage.

Which leads me into the next step…

How to Get Healthy Hair


3. Use a conditioning hair oil (preferably lightweight and non-greasy)

Hair oils can be very moisturizing for the hair, but To be real, I have tried so many hair oils but most of them just made my hair feel greasy and didn’t really help my hair’s condition.

That was until I came across the African Essence Oil Free Shine Silicone Crystal Drops*(which I mentioned previously in my April 2017 Favorites post).

I noticed that within one week of using this hair oil, that my hair was really soft, didn’t really show any split ends, and even was easier to brush out. That’s because this oil actually treats split ends to give you strong, healthy hair!

This oil is also very lightweight and does not leave your hair feeling greasy, so you never have to worry about looking like a grease ball throughout the day. Especially for you thin hair girls out there like me, this is super important to look for in a hair oil!

Long Healthy Hair


4. Brush your hair from bottom to top

This step is just as important as the others, because it really helps to reduce hair breakage.

I never knew about this or even cared about how the way you brush your hair matters. I would wrestle with my hair every morning in hopes of getting it untangled after a shower, but never realized the damage I was doing to my poor hair.

I mean it when I say it was a straight on brawl with my hair (and I was the winner every time even though my hair gave up a real good fight)!

Someone finally enlightened me on how the way I was brushing my hair was really doing major harm to my hair.

By starting at the bottom of your hair and brushing your way up,  it not only helps with de-tangling your hair easier, but reduces the amount of breakage resulting in less split ends!

Healthy Long Hair.JPG

5. Get a hair cut (AT LEAST) every 6 months

I know what you are thinking… Danielle, We already know that we should get a hair cut every so often… but it cannot be stressed enough!

I tend to get a hair about every six months, but I also do not get my hair dyed often and do not use hot tools on my hair (unless I decided to curl my hair, which happens very rarely).

If you are someone who uses hot tools and dyes their hair frequently, you should probably get a hair cut every 2-3 months to get rid of all the damaged ends.

It is SUPER important to get a hair cut frequently to remove any split ends so that your hair is able to grow!

Who wants to have dry brittle ends (that feel like horse hair) any way?! No thanks!

Get Long Healthy Hair

Do you do any of these steps? What do you use to keep your hair healthy? Leave me a comment♥

Love Always,


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  1. I have super long hair also, I use pure jojoba on my hair when it’s still damp. I start at the ends and move up. The problem with me is that I always put it up in a bun and my hair starts to break. These are great tips. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am definitely envious of your hair.
    I usually grow my hair long and then get sick of it or need a change so I cut it! Ha!
    Up until recently, I didn’t dye my hair for years, I made the mistake of dying it and instantly regretted it, so now on to the process of growing it out.
    Thanks for sharing these great tips!

    Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve tried coconut oil! I’ve massaged it through my scalp and all of my hair then put it up in a hair cap for about a half hour then shower and wash it out with my natural routine I have! I have really thick hair and a lot of it! I use the coconut oil treatment every 4 months and especially 3 days after coloring my hair! I swear by it for sure!

        Liked by 1 person

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