The Perfect Camping Trip│Forest Lakes, Arizona

The majority of the trips my husband and I go on are camping trips. Here in our home state of Arizona, there are so many places to go camping – from camping in the the woods of Flagstaff to the desert area of Four Peaks. We love going camping and finding new places to explore our nature side!

Recently we just went on a trip up to Forest Lakes which is up just past Payson and now we have deemed it one of our favorite places to camp (for several reasons), so I though I would share with you our perfect camping trip!


We headed up to Forest Lakes on a Friday night after a day of work… which let me mind you was, what felt like, the longest day ever since all I could think about all day was going up to camp with some friends and get away from all the commotion of the city. After trudging through the long day, I was like a giddy 5 year old who was so excited about going to their favorite theme park but for me it was camping — Yes, that is how excited I get about going camping! This trip I was extra excited about because we were able to borrow a friend’s quad to explore the paths with.


We found the perfect campsite that had so much room for multiple tents, RV’s, and all the recreational vehicles we had as a group. It also had so many different off-roading paths to explore surrounding it. Then just down this one path, it lead to a small little creek that was oh so peaceful.

DSC01239DSC01245Our campsite was the ultimate experience for any passionate camper. The trees were tall and the air was fresh which made me instantly want to set up the hammock and just sway with the wind.

That is the thing I love about camping, it gets you connected to nature and helps ease the mind from any stress of the life back at home. It’s like you are free from any responsibility for the time being.


Being up in Forest Lakes, we saw so many animals including elk, squirrels, and even a porcupine — who I, for one, could not get over how cute he was even though I know he would prick me so fast if I got to close to him! Let’s be real here!


There were so many different paths to adventure through. It was almost like everywhere you turned, there was a new path that was just waiting to be explored. The pathways went on forever but the nice thing was that they always lead to a path that took you back to your campsite.

Even if you took 6 different turns… I know, Right? Mandala Effect! That’s all I got to say…


We rode all day long Saturday, but the best experience was when we went on a night ride that night. It is gives you such an eerie feeling knowing that you cannot see but 2 feet in front of you– but that is just the beauty of exploring! You never know what you are going to run into but you don’t have a care in the world because you are just out there in the wilderness feeling the fresh crisp air without a care in the world – if that even makes sense.. does it? Hope so!


Just up the road from our campsite, there was a small convenient store where we gathered items to make hobo stew – which is just ground beef, carrots, potatoes, and a little bit of salt and pepper all rapped in some tinfoil and cooked on the fire (it’s a camping tradition to us). That little place had all the necessities you would need for camping and more!


On Sunday, we took our time packing up and then decided to go on one last ride before heading home. It was so relaxing not having a care in the world and riding around with my love. We even found a spot to shoot off a couple rounds of our firearms before taking off.


Once we got home, we swore that was going to be our new go-to spot for camping! It was the perfect weekend; the perfect camping trip!

Do you like to go camping? Where are your favorite spots? Leave me a comment below!♥

Love Always,


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