Fall In Love with the Too Faced Love Palette

Too Faced has been raved about over and over! I have seen so many people talk about their products and how much they love them… from beauty gurus on YouTube to beauty bloggers to just people that I know, this brand has been raved about! I recently was gifted the Too Faced Love palette by a friend for my birthday. I was so excited to try this palette out as I had never tried any Too Faced products.


The palette comes with 15 beautiful neutral colors  (and who doesn’t love some good neutral colors)! The palette also comes with a black eye liner pencil that has a smudge brush on one end. BONUS!

Too Faced Love Palette

All of the shadows have a shimmer to them except for the shade called Romance (a beautiful milk chocolate brown matte color) and Amorous (a dark chocolate brown matte color).The shimmer shades include Dearest, Cherish, Desire, Adore, Passion, Smitten, Obsessed, Darling, Devotion, Puppy Love, Everlasting, and XOXO. I am not going to show and talk to you about each individual color swatched because there are 15 colors and that would be a super long post, but I do want to show you all the colors together swatched on my arm!

Too Faced Swatched #1


Left to Right: Adore, Amorous, Desire, Cherish, Dearest

Too Faced Swatches #2

Left to Right: Sweetie Pie, Obsessed, Romance, Smitten, Passion

Too Faced Swatches #3

Left to Right: XOXO, Everlasting, Puppy Love, Devotion, Darling

Now I am going to be honest, not all of the colors are vibrantly pigmented, but the majority are insanely pigmented with color! I found that more of the matte shades are the ones that did not have much pigment to them when swatched (as you can see from the pictures). This was kind of a let down as I was really excited when I got this palette.


Too Faced Love Palette Shadow Names

I actually noticed that they do not sell this palette in Sephora or Ulta anymore and maybe because it was not getting much love from the matte shades being porely pigmented. I on the other hand still love this palette because the shimmer shades really have some good pigment to them!

Too Faced Love Palette Shadows

My Overall Opinion: 

I think this palette has some pros and cons obviously for the matte shades not having much pigmentation but the shimmer colors are just absolutely beautiful! I think that this palette does not get enough credit for the majority of their shades because I do not think I have seen a review on this palette yet. Although some of the shades are not as vibrant, they still wear beautifully if the shades are layered a couple times and blended. I will definitely continue using this palette and would still recommend it as it is only $25 on the Too Faced website and still has some stunning shades with some lovely shimmer to them!

Have you tried this palette before? What are your thoughts on it? Do you have a favorite shadow from this palette? Let me know in the comments below!

Love Always,


*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor was the product sent to me by the company. All opinions and views are my own*

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  1. 25 dollars? that is really good for too faced! It looks beautiful, but I am not so sure about it.. I do not have the best experiences with Too Faced so I am a bit scared to spend loads of money on something what I will not even like.. but the price is not so bad… ugh I cannot wait for payday haha.

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