Most Beautiful Views In Arizona

Getting out and going on adventures is something that my hubby and I share a common interest in. We love going on trips or just getting out and getting in touch with nature.



I have always wanted to go see the world because I didn’t see the beauty of Arizona. People would always say that would love to come to Arizona but I just wouldn’t understand them because I grew up here and didn’t see why someone would want to come to the place of dry heat that was known for its deserts and cacti. It just seemed boring to me and not so interesting of place to come and visit. When I thought of visiting interesting places, I thought of England, Germany, New York, Michigan, California and all the other places that were known for so many beautiful views.It wasn’t until lately that I have been realizing the true beauty of nature in Arizona. It is beautiful in its own way because each state has its own way of being beautiful and unique. I have recently really been loving going hiking and exploring all of Arizona’s beauty of nature.

My husband and I went on a recent hike through South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona and it was such a lovely little adventure. We chose an overcast day so that we could show you all of Arizona’s beauty through nature and how it is not just all heat and sunshine. It was such a perfect day out where it was not too hot and not too cold… the weather was beyond beautiful. I absolutely love these types of days where you can feel the breeze of the wind and smell the fresh air of the great outdoors. South Mountain Park has beautiful trails that could be explored by walking, running, and even biking. Whatever hobby you enjoy… it is perfect to get the chance to explore these wonderful trails. We decided to take a nice walk/hike through the trails and capture the beautiful breathtaking view as we strolled along.


My husband (being the best husband he is) captured some amazing picture of our view as well as me in the environment. I decided to share with you our experience, our adventure, our hometown Arizona through South Mountain Park.


Towards the end of the trail, you come up to a beautiful structure that is built with stones. It has window areas and long benches built out of the stone so that you can sit and look out at the view while you rest from the hike or whatever activity you we participating in. In the middle of the structure there is what looks like a really tall fireplace built out of the same stone. Such a beautiful resting point that allows the breeze to just flow through it.


Then behind the structure, there is a mountain of enormous rocks that you can climb (if you dare.. because I am scared of heights and it was a struggle for me… but I faced my fears and did it for you lovely people). From on top of the pile of huge rocks, it gives the most breath taking view of all the trails and scenery around the park. It is a perfect place to just sit and look out at the beauty of Arizona. I just lay on the rock and looked up at the beautiful Arizona sky… taking all my worries away and letting me get in touch with the nature surrounding me. Just perfectly perfect.


This is one of my favorite mountains to visit because of the beautiful structure and great scenery. The paths that were carved out are perfect because they are not too narrow and they aren’t too bumpy so mountain bikers are able to ride the path with ease and the hikers can stroll along with out being in the way of the mountain bikers.


South Mountain Park is always a great experience to help your self just get in touch with nature and even get some light or heavy exercise. I hope you really enjoyed this post and getting to see the beauty of Arizona as much I loved sharing it with you♥

Have you ever been to Arizona? If so, where have you been? Do you like going hiking and seeing the outdoors? Let me know in the comments down below! Lets get a conversation going♥

Love always,


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  1. Aww what a lovely day trip! Arizona looks so pretty! I love days out and more of us should enjoy getting out and about! I went on a 7 mile walk around London being a proper tourist for the day with my boyfriend last weekend and it was so lovely being outside in the fresh spring air! Also meant we burnt calories walking so we could have a sneaky takeaway in the evening! xx

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