Mini Lush Haul│Bath Bombs

Last week, I took a trip to the mall to pick up my wedding ring that was being fixed after 3 weeks of them having it… FINALLY! Anyways, while I was at the mall I thought to myself… “Danielle, you never go the mall so you to take advantage of this!” I then walked my happy ass over to Lush and decided to get some Lush bath bombs for my hubby and I this weekend.


I decided I would show you what bath bombs I got because who doesn’t like LOVE Lush bath bombs?! Even my husband loves bath bombs (I got him some for Christmas to put in his stocking).


The first bath bomb I got was the Ickle Baby Bot. The scent of this one is lavender and it is supposed to be relaxing bath bomb that has aromatherapy oils to calm your body/mind. Lavender is one of my favorite scents because it really helps me relax especially before bed time! I use lavender oils all the time in my oil diffuser before bed so this bath bomb was definitely one of my favorites that I could find myself using on the regular!


The next bath bomb I got is called Cupid and is one of Lush’s Valentines day limited edition items. This one smells like raspberries and is just so delightful! I love anything fruity scented because I do not really take a liking to all the bitter, strong scented bath bombs that smell like perfume. This bath bomb is probably the cutest out of all of them!


Lastly, I had to pick up the bath bomb called Sakura. It is scented with the smell of cherry blossoms. I usually like the more vibrant bath bombs but this one just smelled so good and looked so interesting so I had to pick it up! It has like bath salts in it which makes me so excited to try because I love bath salts!

I am so excited to try these bath bombs out, but next time I think I want to get some of their facial masks and bubble bars♥ I have heard so many great things about all of their products and hope to try more of them out, other than just the bath bombs!

Have you ever bought bath bombs from Lush before? What are your favorites? Have you tried their limited edition Valentines day products? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for Listening♥


*Disclaimer: Products are not sponsored or gifted to me. All opinions are my own* 

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