Pugs: The Best Companion♥

Who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Pugs are the best kind of friend/companion you can add to your family. I’ve had a passion — and, yes, I said passion — for pugs ever since I was a little girl. My parents even bought a pug for us to add to our family.


When we first got Lily♥

In February of 2015, my Husband and I bought our very own pug puppy and named her Lily. She was the runt of the litter so I melted the second I saw her. Lily is now 2 years old (as of exactly Monday, January 9th, 2016) and she is best pug we could ask for! She is lovable, loves to cuddle, well behaved,  energetic, oh and did I say loves to cuddle (because that is her favorite thing to do) which is why we call her a cuddle pug!♥


Lily is not a normal looking pug, though, as she is skinny and has long thin legs. When we bought her, we were told that she was 6 weeks old (which is still a risky age to take a pup away from their mother) but in reality she turned out to be about 5 weeks old, which may not seem like a big (since it is only a week from what we though she was) but it definitely does. Lily ended up having these seizure like episodes where she would shake her head and end up spitting up her food. We took her to the vet and had to end up giving her this very fine, medicated dog food that the vet prescribed so that she would be able to keep her food down and get her nutrients. We think that since she was taken away from her mother too early, she lacked nutrients needed to help her growth and development which caused her bones to grow abnormally resulting in her to look like the skinny, tall pug that we love ’till this day. We call her our special pug because there is no pug like her♥ We love her unconditionally and wouldn’t trade her for anything!


We even take Lily almost everywhere we go such as grocery shopping and yes I know what you are thinking…. “Did this woman seriously buy her pug a baby cart cover for her pug?” Why yes I did! I bought a Bobby cart cover that is for babies so that she can sit in the cart comfortably because, if you can’t already tell, she is a spoiled little pug! Don’t get me wrong, I spoil my other dog, Princess, as well but she is a little too hyper to take to the store; therefore, Lily gets to be the one to go shopping with us occasionally because she calm as she just sits in the cart and likes to observe her surroundings. Everyone loves when we bring her to the store too because they always freak out when they see her and say that she is the cutest thing (even the employees)!

Now, of course, all dogs are considered great family additions but pugs are a whole different story because they have so many reasons why they are so enjoyable to have as a companion and life long family member. Here is a list of why pugs are one of the best kind dogs:


Reasons Why Pugs Are Great Companions:

  1. First of all, they are the cutest looking dogs with their smashed innocent looking face♥
  2. They are very affectionate animals who crave attention.
  3. Pugs are really loyal dogs who love people unconditionally.
  4. They love to cuddle (so you never need to worry about not having a cuddle partner).
  5. They are a passive breed so they are good for families with children as they are not violent creatures (the only thing you have to worry about is them cuddling you to death!).
  6. Pugs have a sense of humor and can be very energetic when you get them playing.
  7. They are small so that you can take them with you places, as long as the place is dog friendly (unless it is Walmart because they really don’t care, they would rather see a cute pug than turn you down!).
  8. Pug kisses are the best♥
  9. They love to nap and are lazy most of the time so you really don’t need to do much with them (except cuddle because that’s their favorite… or did I mentioned that before?).
  10. A group of pugs is called a Grumble. Isn’t that so cute!
  11. They are characterized as “Multum in Parvo” which means much in little because they have such a huge personality for such a small little dog.
  12. They love to speak (heck mine even howls which we praise her for because it is just so darn cute)!
  13. Lastly, my favorite thing about them is that they know when you are feeling down and know how to comfort you to make you feel better♥

So what are you waiting for?!?! Go get yourself a pug! You will not regret it and will have the best life partner you could ever wish for.

Do you like pugs? If so, what is your favorite things about pugs? Do you know anyone that owns a pug? Let me know in the comment down below!

Thanks for Listening♥


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    • My pug does great! I crate trained her so she would stay in a crate while I was not home but now she is doggy door trained too so I am able to leave her roam knowing that she will use the doggy door to go to the bathroom if she needs to 😄 They are pretty smart dogs so they usually catch on with training if you start them young! If you start to late in their life though they can be stubborn haha 💕


  1. Lily is adorable!!! I have a little pug Louie he’s 3 now but I couldn’t agree more pugs are the most affectionate breed of dog I’ve ever come across he’s like my shadow, this has made me want to write a blog post about my little one now haha.
    Lots of love!
    Alicia xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww sweet Louie😍 Lily just turned 2 years old as you probably read. Pugs a seriously the sweetest and most affectionate. Lily gets all giddy and excited when I get home like she hasn’t seen me in years and starts to whine. It is the cutest thing ever😍
      Thanks for the read💕 I would love to read your post on Louie if you did one!


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