New Years In Flagstaff♥

Instead of ringing in the New Year by going out to party, my husband and I decided to go up North to Flagstaff with our puppies to see the snow. Any chance we get (and by that I mean, any time my husband has both Saturday and Sunday off) we like to get away and plan a trip up to flagstaff to go camping, or in this case go see the snow. So we packed up our bags and headed up North to enjoy the cooler weather for New Years weekend.

We headed out on Saturday December 31st, 2016 early in the morning around 4 am so that we could take full advantage of this holiday weekend. We took our time on our way up and stopped to take in the scenery as we saw it. We are ones to enjoy the great outdoors when
we go on adventure so of course we took pictures of our little road trip to share with you lovely people as well as vlogged our whole trip♥

We stopped at all the viewpoints, went walking through downtown Flagstaff, and enjoyed our time up in the cooler weather. With all of the fun that we had during this trip there was bound to have something unfortunate happen (just our luck, of course) as our truck slid into a snow bank…. but thankfully someone helped pull us out so that we could continue enjoying the beautiful city of Flagstaff! To our excitement though, we actually woke up to about 4 inches of snow on the morning of New Year so we decided to take advantage of the snowfall and go sledding.

Here are some memories of our trip up to Flagstaff♥

We definitely enjoyed getting away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life in Phoenix.

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What did you do for New Years weekend? Did you go out of town? What was your most favorite memory during these holidays? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks for Listening ♥


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  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Very nice photos, your dogs are so adorable! My fiancé and I spent the night in we finally had a baby sitter so we took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep and any shows we can’t watch when the children are up! Thank you for sharing your trip! ❤️

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    • We sure did have a great time! It was so relaxing. Sounds like you guys had a relaxing time too! I don’t have children yet but I know it is always relaxing to have a night away from the children so I’m glad to hear you you had a good New Years weekend too 😄❤

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