Looking Back: Supporting People with Cancer

There are so many people going through the struggle and fight of cancer, but there is a way we can all help them: support.


Looking back at the past years, I remember the amazing act my sister did in December of 2012 to help support people with cancer. She made the brave decision to cut her hair off and donate it to locks of love. She also decided to take it a step further by shaving her head completely bald to help support the people going through the depressing aftermath of cancer and to show how judgmental society is. I supported her throughout this whole decision because I loved how she was wanting to make a change.


In partaking in the action to shave her head, she was so determined to make an impression on people to help support the people struggling with cancer. Cancer is a horrible thing, but we can help by just making a change and showing people that they are beautiful no matter how they look. It’s what is in the inside that counts and not on the outside. Now I’m not saying you have to shave your head to support people with cancer, but by making a change and showing people who they really are inside, we can all support this cause and bring out the fighter in people that are battling cancer.



Check out my YouTube Channel to see the videos of my brave sister cutting her hair and shaving her head to support this cause 4 years ago! Still proud of her till this day ❤

My Sister, Vanessa, Getting Her Hair Cut For Locks Of Love

My Sister, Vanessa, Getting Her Head Shaved!

Thanks for Listening ❤


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