Married Young

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My husband and I got married in October of 2016. He is 22 and I am 21. To a lot of people, that is a pretty young age to be married or to get married as me and my husband have heard that many of times. Being married young was not something that I planned on when I was younger, but when the time came, I knew it was right.


Prom 2014

My husband and I were together for two and a half years before he even proposed to me, but we knew each other for about six years before we even started dating. We met because my aunt was friends with his mom and he was friends with my cousin. We always liked each other but always just kept it as friends. When i went through a bad break-up with my last boyfriend during junior year of high school, he was there for me (even though he still currently had a girlfriend at the time). I knew then and there that I wanted to pursue what feelings we had for each other so after multiple times of hanging out, he eventually decided to break-up with his girlfriend to pursue a relationship with me.



We had and still have such a strong connection that still excites me to this day. We are like best friends and I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. He is my soulmate.


I honestly did not even see the proposal coming. He ended up proposing to me and Disneyland in my favorite place, Toontown, next to goofy. He even had our friend get pictures of my reaction as you can see above. When he got down on that one knee, I could not even believe it and kept saying “Are you serious?!?” while crying hysterically. I could not believe that I was engaged with my best friend.

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When people say “Why do you want to get married so young?”, my only response to them is “Why not?”. There is not a specific age to get married. It just depends on fate. I believe that fate has brought me to this man I love so much. He completes me and makes me a better person. I wouldn’t want to go through life with anyone else.

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Being married at a young age does not affect me or my life in any way. If anything, it makes everything easier because I have a life partner for all the bad times, all the good times, and to push me to reach my goals when I feel like just giving up (especially with college, because we all know that is a struggle by itself). Being married Young just means I get to spend more time with my best friend.

If you are young and either are married or engaged, don’t let those people tell you that marriage at a young age is crazy…I mean, unless you are just getting married because you had a child together or just to say you are married because marriage is supposed to be with someone who you know you want to spend your whole life with. Marriage is a beautiful thing when two people commit to each other.

Comment and let me know if any of you are married young or are currently engaged at a young age! I would love to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for listening ❤


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  1. This was a lovely read! I was drawn to this post because I was engaged at 16 which everyone thought was CRAZY. Unlike you, my engagement fell through but I, in no way, regret the decision I made. Many congratulations to you both and I wish you a lifetime of happiness xx

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