Get to know me!


Hey Everyone!

I just want to use my first blog post to just say hello and  talk about my life interests that will bring this blog to life!

First off, let me introduce myself, my name is Danielle Ruppert and I am 21 years old currently. I live in Arizona with my Husband, John Ruppert, and my two loving puppies, Lily the Pug and Princess the Pom-Chi. As a newly wed who works full time as an accountant and who is still currently going through college, I feel like my life is just beginning and I want to share my journey along with you guys!

So now that I have introduced myself, lets get into this first post! 🙂 I’m going to just tell you all up front that I do have an obsession… An obsession with pugs, especially my Lily pug! Definitely keep a look out for cute posts on her so that you can see all the cute things she does 🙂 Go follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you want to see more of that cute little face (Because who wouldn’t!?!).  As a family, we love going on road trips together especially up north to flagstaff to go camping with our puppies (as you can see from our photo above). One day, we want to buy a tiny house on wheels and just travel.

Now, along with traveling, we absolutely are huge food fanatics! Food is the thing we share such a common interest in along with traveling. We actually just bought a Kitchen-aid mixer and the cookbook that goes with it. Our plans are to make a recipe from the book at least once a week so I’ll take some pictures so I can show you all if it came out good or if it was a fail 🙂

Another thing that my husband and I share a common interest in is saving money. We love to save money where we can, especially me when I go grocery shopping. Let me know if you would like me to do some blog posts on how I save money going shopping or even how I save money in general because I would love to help you guys put a little more change in your pocket 🙂

I am a pretty busy woman with working full time, taking care of my puppies and husband, as well as going to college online. I just finished my associates degree and am taking a semester off so that I can enjoy being a newly wed with my Husband and relax. I will be enrolling in online college again after the summer of 2017 so that I can start and finish my Bachelors in Business. If you guys want, I can do some posts on how I succeed in online school and different college hacks, Let me know! (P.S. our honeymoon is coming out so look out for a post on that!)

Well for now, I think I have covered my bases with my main interests and life events. Comment down below what your favorite hobby is or just something small about yourself! Let me know what you want my next post to be about!

Don’t forget to follow me on all my social media sites to keep updated with my life moments and my cute little family 🙂 I have all of them linked below!

Thanks for listening ❤


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